Baby names

Choose a gender and then enter a name. If the name is in the Social Security administrations data base of given names, then a graph illustrating the year by year count of babys given that name should appear, together with a list of a few facts about that name.


Fun facts

  • The data comes from the Social Security Administration and is based on 358,480,709 births in the US between 1880 and 2020. For privacy purposes, a name must occur five times in a given year to be included.
  • There have been 68905 girl's names and 42567 boys names for a total of 111,472 unique name/gender pairs.
  • There are 11108 names that have been given to both boys and girls, including 519 boys named Sue.
  • The five most popular boy names across all years are
    • James
    • John
    • Robert
    • Michael
    • William
  • The five most popular girl names across all years are
    • Mary
    • Elizabeth
    • Patricia
    • Jennifer
    • Linda
  • 478 boy names appear in the data every year, the least common of which is West.
  • 443 girl names appear in the data every year, the least common of which is Phebe.
  • Barack makes its first appearance as a boys name in 2007 and reaches its peak in 2009. Of course, there was at least one Barack born in the US in 1961 but, evidently, there were less than five Baracks every year prior to 2007.