Europe '23

The family took a European vacation this past June of 2023. I built an earlier version of this map to share our route with a few friends. I think it makes a nice illustration of what you can do with D3, Mapbox, and Scrollama.

You can scroll the page slowly to take the tour; the map should zoom through our destinations as you scroll through the destination list. Alternatively, you can just zoom into the map itself and click on the pushpin ( ) or dot () markers to get a bit more information. You can even go fullscreen on a computer.

This all should work OK on a phone but it's a bit better on a computer.



We flew in to Berlin and headed straight to Dresden that day.


Our first three nights were in Dresden with friends. There was loads of good food, bike riding, and other outdoor activities.


We were in Prague two nights. We toured Prague Castle and did some pedal boating. Amelia, Audrey and I also toured the Lego Museum.


We were in Budapest for three nights. We had a bike tour of the city the first morning to get our bearings. Afterwards, we were starved and all slammed down a langos (basically, a meal on fried dough). We took a cruise of the Danube river one night as well.


We were in Vienna for three nights, as well. We started with another bike tour and, after learning our way around, we toured Schönbrunn Palace. Vienna was hit by a nasty heat wave, though, which started to slow us down. Fortunately, we were able to have fun at night with a fancy dinner followed by some classical music at St. Peter's Catholic Church.


We were in Salzburg for just one night, as we headed back to Berlin. The heat wave continued so the girls hit the pool while I took the Mönchsberg Lift to get a view of the city.


We finished our last couple of days back in Berlin. We checked out the Brandenburg Gate late at night and I checked out Brewdog.

Images from Wikipedia CC-BY 2.0