About WNC Viz

What is WNC Viz?

WNC Viz is a boutique software and data visualization company specializing in custom built, data visualization and animation in web pages. While based in Western North Carolina, WNC Viz works with people around the world.

Who is WNC Viz

WNC Viz is owned and operated by Mark McClure, also a Professor of Mathematics at the University of North Carolina - Asheville. In addition to teaching mathematics at UNCA, Mark also teaches statistics and a little computer science.

A member of Observable's first Ambassador cohort, Mark McClure has been building interactive visualizations on the web for years. Mark built his first web page in 1993 while a graduate student in Mathematics at the Ohio State University. After completing his Ph.D. in 1994, Mark held visiting positions at Washington & Lee University and St. Olaf College before settling at the University of North Carolina Asheville in 1997. He also taught at Cornell University during at 2003-4 sabbatical year.

During his 30 years of teaching, Mark has always used and developed state of the art tools for technical communication - starting with the use of Mathematica for teaching Calculus in 1989. Mark's use of Mathematica grew over the years to the point where he published a regular column in the journal Mathematica in Education & Research. His mathematical visualizations have been featured on the covers of The Mathematica Journal, The Mathematical Intelligencer, and Math Horizons as well as in Computers & Graphics and Scientific American.

Mark's consulting work began in 2010 when he spent three years helping Wolfram Research add mathematical content to Wolfram Alpha. After transitioning to more open tools, Mark spent another three years developing mathematical content for elementary school teacher's with the Schoen Research Group. After further refinement to his use of open tools to create visualizations for his own teaching, Mark formed WNC Viz in 2020 to formalize his consulting work.

Mark uses a variety of tools to develop his visualizations. Depending on the project, those tools might include.

In addtion, Mark is highly active in the Observable community. You can find several hundred more of his visualizations on his account there.


WNC Viz can handle all aspects of moving raw data to polished visualization - be it a map, chart, or design of almost any specification. Specialties include:


To contact WNC Viz to work on your data or visualization project, just email info@wncviz.com.